Getting To Know Me For BlogHer 09

Denese had a great suggestion for all of us to do an intro post about ourselves before we all converge on Chicago next week. I'm so excited to meet so many more new people this year and get to see those of you that I met last year. Here's the run-down on me, Kendra, also known as Headless Mom:

  • I'm almost 5'8", and will probably have heels on. I never get to wear them so I will probably wear my  most squee-worthy shoes. Remember, 3 of the 5 members of our house hold are male and reeealy don't care about my shoes.
  • I'm all about the coffee before noon. It's your guess as to how long it will take me to switch to red wine after that.
  • I'm not picky about food, so you'll definitely see me eating with the masses at meal time.
  • Don't bother trying to text me. I'll be the dinosaur with the basic cell phone.
  • I'm a SAHM, so Chicago is MY time to get away from my family and my household duties for a few days. I'm going to try to meet, do, see, drink, and learn all that I can. Not necessariy in that order.
  • I live in the greater LA area but would rather be in the mountains of Colorado. I deal ok, but some days are worse than others. Um, like today when it's about 100 degrees outside.
  • I'm not great with names, especially if you go by a different name on your blog like I do. Feel free to just call me Headless if you need to. I'll answer to just about anything, and I apologize in advance if I have to look at your name tag several times before I get it.
  • I love my family but I reserve the right to complain about them if I feel like it. Just know that you're only hearing the venting part-I love them more than anything.

Well, I think that's the nutshell version. Come visit me on my personal blog, The Adventures of the Headless Family, my review blog, Headless Family Reviews and Giveaways, and on Twitter @HeadlessMom. See you all in a few days, and don't forget to do your intro post too!


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