Getting to Know Me: JD from I Do Things

WOOOO! BlogHer '09! Here I come!

(Thanks to Mel for writing her "get to know me" post.)

As excited as I am to meet Tim Gunn, I'm actually even more excited to meet all my fellow bloggers from AROUND THE WORLD!

My blog readers know me as JD from I Do Things So You Don't Have To,
but in real life (and on Facebook), I am Julia DeGraf. Born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, I spent a few years in Ireland hiding out from my student loan officer.

I'm an editor, writer, avid reader, and Zumba enthusiast. I love movies, eating, and sleeping. I am grateful every day for my wonderful husband Dave for providing so much blog fodder. My two cats, Gus and Pru, are also featured fairly regularly.

be reading/hyperventilating at the Community Keynote on Friday. I'm nervous about that, but I know it'll be fun. I'm planning to attend as many sessions as possible on both days, but my main goal is meeting, talking, laughing with and being jealous of lots of cool bloggers.

My mom and I are fighting over what I'm wearing, but I hope to post a photo on my blog within the next few days. 

If you think you know me, PLEASE introduce yourself. I'll be carrying a tote bag with my "Sleeping Cat" logo. I will most likely be limping. I have a goiter. I'll be
wearing a cool sparkly Swatch Watch and sensible shoes. I have a lot of
hair. I'll probably smell really good despite sweating profusely.

I'll be hanging out with my friend Kathy from The Junk Drawer, who is flying in from Pennsylvania for the conference and our own self-styled Chicago Food Tour of 2009.

If you come up to me and say, "You do things so I don't have to," I will give you an "I Do Things" sticker  (I only have 10). As for business cards, I have 250. You'll get one whether you say anything or not.

Please follow me on Twitter:

I'm looking forward to meeting ALL of you! We're gonna have a blast!




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