Getting to know Mel: Pre Conference

Well I've already gotten my hotel sorted, ticket for the event and yesterday I worked on what clothing I'd be bringing along with me.  I've also got a Word document started with all the parties I've RSVP'd for, so I don't forget as well as a list of gadgets I'm bringing with me.  The only thing that's left is to figure out if I'm riding with my friend SAHM Ramblings or taking the train :)  I saw "Getting to know Shash" and thought I'd do that here, so here goes.


My name is Mel.  It's short for Melissa!


I am shy in big groups but am a very social person.  


I am full of ideas and am really loud!


I will be handing out business cards, if they arrive in time, since I only ordered them yesterday!  OOOPS!  Bad planning.  But I also will have my iPhone handy for any details.


I'm horrible with names.  I will probably reckognize you after talking to you so please don't be offended if I seem lost.


I am really excited to meet the women I read the blogs of as well as going to all the parties and having a great time!  


I'll be packed as soon as I recieve my dress/skirt/cute tank top from my brother.  Yeah...when traveling always check the closet before you come home so you don't forget your favorite pieces.


I probably will meet a lot of you at the front table since I am going to be a Desk Sentinal.  Come by and say HI!


You can twitter me if you like my name is ShiploadofWilco :)  Can't wait to meet you!


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