Getting Organized: When Your Purse Weighs More Than Your Body

No matter how hard I try, my purse is always FULL and HEAVY. How do you keep your purse neat and orderly?

Accept that your purse is going to fill up monthly -- or perhaps weekly. Then, actually schedule a time to clean it out. Start each week fresh with a lighter, happier handbag.

There are a few things that most women can universally relate to: knowing there is never enough time to get things done, wishing they had more ‘me’ time, and feeling like their purse is always a mess. Yes, the messy purse! No matter how much we try, no matter which purse we buy, our stuff seems to overtake the purse and cause us all endless wasted minutes looking for what we need when we need it.

messy purse

Last spring, I was determined to buy the perfect purse. It was small with lots of pockets and zippers. I planned out in my head what would go where and was practically skipping before I left the mall parking lot. That lasted about three days. Soon my purse was back to its same old messy self, and I was wondering why I wasted the time and effort even trying to solve this issue.

Fast forward a few months, and I have now conquered my purse fiasco and you can too. It really just takes a few steps and a bit of planning, and soon your purse can be one of the best organizers you have.

There are three common issues with keeping a purse organized and neat:

  1. The Black Hole Of Useless Stuff
  2. The Endless Search
  3. The Mountain of Paper Stuff

The Black Hole Of Useless Stuff

Your purse attracts junk like nails to a magnet. This takes up precious space and is a stumbling block to having an orderly, organized pocketbook.

  • Anne from Our Gifts of Grace says that her kids make it difficult to keep her purse organized and neat. Anne says, “The kids are always putting things in there, for example right now I have a menu that was colored at a restaurant, some rocks and a used Band-Aid.”
  • Judy from Patchwork Times echoes the same sentiment: “The biggest problem I have with keeping my purse organized is that it's most often used for a dumping ground! Everything goes in and I never take things out until it's such a mess that I can't find anything.”

The Endless Search

One of the biggest time-wasters we face is looking for things in our purse that we know are in there but can’t get our hands on when we need them.

  • “I always carry a large purse and don't throw things away. 3 things in my purse that I don't need include an Ikea hook that I needed to match paint to (2 weeks ago), 3 old grocery lists, and more lip gloss than 1 person will use in a lifetime,” says Michelle from Décor and the Dog.
  • Courtney from AIsForBeautiful has a similar issue: “I have trouble keeping things from falling out of the pockets in my purse or falling down too deep in the purse itself so that then I can't find the things I need when I need them. I have discount cards for dozens of different businesses and restaurants in my purse and I rarely use them all. In fact, I probably only use a couple of them frequently.”

The Mountain of Paper Stuff

Paper stuff seems to be the biggest hurdle to keeping a purse neat and orderly. Of course, the easiest solve is to not put so much paper in your purse in the first place, but there are other more manageable solutions as well.

  • Rachel from finding joy is just like you and me: “My biggest issue? All those receipts that get stuffed everywhere and take up valuable purse space.”

What do you do when stuff threatens to overtake your purse and turn into a big bag of mess that weighs more than a champion weightlifter could bench press? What are your best tips to creating a neat and organized purse? Please share in the comments!

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