Getting ready for January NaBloPoMo

…chez BlogHer. Another round, this time on the theme of energy, which I may have more of since I am not also doing Digital Writing Monthand NaNoWriMo simultaneously.

It's the first month of a new year, and it's time to get energized.  This month, we'd like you to think of ways that you're going to gather energy to use throughout the year as well as stave off any energy drains by realizing what is taking away from your productivity.

With prompts too... hard though to think of anything more tiresome and worn out to a former comp instructor. So, asks BlogHer, Where Do You Get Your Energy? Tell Us in January's NaBloPoMo. My reply: What energy?

I can blog about not having energy, what it is like to have had energy, lose it ~ watch it fade away ~ and remember what it was like, what I do not to waste the energy I do have. In other words, I can blog about aging. Blah. Apparently I am still, albeit inadvertently, fooling others into thinking I have energy. How does that happen? Sleight of hand, sleight of mind? 

Why do I want/need a challenge when I already blog regularly to multiple blogs, notably adjunct issues in higher education at The New Faculty Majorityblog and locally community blogs? Blogs I most enjoy writing get the least attention. The main (mother ship) blog, Mountainair Arts, I used to take joy in has become tiresome (and tiring) obligations. Somewhere along the way, I lost blogging for myself and want to get back. 


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