Getting Some Clarity on my Purpose


Getting Some Clarity on my Purpose


I'll confess this post is in process but it's what's on my heart now. Not to mention the DIY project I was going to post today requires a few more elements before it's complete... hopefully tomorrow.  Plus - where in the world is my staple gun?!

Anyway, here's the (short version) back story... recently I posted about thinking through my destiny or calling - this is what I'm working through. I wish I had the blog that I was reading that recommended this book. Anyway I'm currently reading and taking detailed notes on...


You're Made for a God-Sized Dream by Holley Gerth. As I've gone back to find the blog that first introduced me to this book, I've run across a plethora of blogs that review and recommend it. 

It resonated with me because I was feeling stuck, uninspired, wondering what was next for me. This has been a soul-searching time trying to marry giftedness, passion, desire, resources, talents, skills, education, season of life, experience, etc. with "my calling". I don't know perhaps you've been there - just needing some direction, a reminder of what you're good at, what you enjoy doing, where you have influence and impact. 

Also, I also came across this comment from a blogger yesterday that added a puzzle piece to my quest as I search for my "next thing".

I was really more interested to dig deeper into all this blogging/instagram/twittter world and one, help people understand how cool it is to have an area on the internet that is all yours. And two, I hope to sort-of take a visual snapshot of this time in history when all these instagrammers/bloggers are able to put something out there into the world and really shape culture (in a positive way). 

The comment about "shaping culture/opinion in a positive way" hit me. Right now, my sphere of influence consists of my family, my leadership position at my children's school and their sports, my blog, my friends. What am I doing to multiple my impact in these areas for the positive? And how do I define a positive impact? How do all the other elements I outlined earlier fit? This I feel is a big part of "my purpose". 

This is the process I'm working through. I feel compelled to live a life that's impactful, large or small... to live a life that's beyond myself, that has a greater more significant influence then just what's comfortable, convenient and typical. So how do I effectively and purposefully use all that I have to do that? That's what I'm discovering. 

Carol H. Wright

Urban Living the Wright Way


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