Getting Started Going Local

If you've been thinking about jumping on the local bandwagon, the latest Local Harvest newsletter had some good pointers:

  • Start small and easy.   Don't think of "going local" as
    all-or-nothing, or it will seem impossible.   Face it, local coffee
    just isn't going to happen for most people!
  • Switch to more whole foods and less processed.  Whole foods are
    easier to get locally.  The more processed, the more likely the
    ingredients are broadly sourced.
  • Find and shop your local farmer's markets.  You may find this to
    become one of your favorite parts of the week (and when was the last
    time you felt that way about going to the super?).  My market days do
    more to renew my faith in humanity and hope for our future than almost
    anything I do.
  • Utilize web resources to find farmers, markets and vendors.  Two good places to start are and
  • Be prepared to pay more for some items.  Your total food bill
    doesn't have to be higher, however.  Eating at home, eating whole foods
    and concentrating on in-season items usually lowers the total cost of
    food to balance out the higher per-item cost.
  • Consider growing your own.  Start small, with a few herbs,
    perhaps.  I use peppers and lettuce in my flower beds as edible

Remember, the main idea behind eating locally is making the most of
your region's agricultural strengths.  Be conscious and do what you
can, but don't worry about being fanatic.


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