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What happens when you're in a fictional world when the technology used it the story suddenly doesn't match up with the time period of the story? Throws you off, doesn't it? I'm a fan of the TV show Warehouse 13, which is full of wonderful steampunk gadgets and goodies. The folks at The Pen Punks write about the intersection of story telling and punk technology in this must read post: Know How to Use Your Tech.

steampunk desktop
Steampunk desktop by Jake Von Slatt via Flickr

Punk lit would be nothing without the technology weaved into the world created by the author. I would go as far as saying technology makes any punk world. While it may be the cogs and wheels of Steampunk, the neural connections of Cyberpunk or the recombined DNA strands of Biopunk - tech and the future of science is undeniably at the center of all punk genres.

It isn't just punk genres where technology matters. Any imaginative fiction involving technology is a huge favorite of mine and I love it when it's well done. Another show on SyFy comes to mind – Continuum. I really want one of those outfits the main character wears! Is this where technology is headed? It could be, but even if it isn't, in the hands of a good writer it is entirely believable.

Virginia DeBolt, BlogHer Section Editor for Tech
Virginia blogs at Web Teacher and First 50 Words.


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