Getting your blog published on Yahoo News!

I am so stinkin' excited that one of my blog posts got picked up by Yahoo News! as an article. You can view it here. It's more interesting than the title might suggest, but it's not one of my better posts. That leaves me wondering: what are they looking for?

My trying to get published face

I have a great job. I am grateful for my job. And yet..  I'm pursuing this dream of becoming a travel writer with everything I've got. So far I've published a few articles and met some quirky, headstrong new friends in the blogging community. From my family I've received feedback from "that's amazing, you can really do this" to "no one reads any more, why would you want to be a writer?" My response to the latter: "you're spending time with all the wrong people, darling."

So my quirky, headstrong lovelies: what do you think publishers are looking for? How does what online media wants differ from magazines?



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