Getting Your "Self" Back: Step # 2: The Art of Positive Googling

I am a changed woman. 

I am now a positive googler.

Goodbye tear-inducing, sad stories.

Goodbye misery.

Goodbye complaints and asking us  if we feel feel bad, too.

Goodbye stories of drug interactions that went horribly wrong

Goodbye online “clubs” for you to share your daily heartache.

Goodbye victims.

Goodbye “Why Me?”

I get it.  You find comfort in sharing these stories.  I wish I did.  I do not.

I am a now positive googler

Hello YouTube of pretty girl in remission working out in the gym with a smile.

Hello healthy websites on eating right.

Hello story on reversing chronic issues through positive thinking.

Hello vitamin websites and recipes for green drinks, and Dr. Oz.

Hello inspirational blogs on life’s ups..not downs.

Hello celebrity spokesman full of encouragement. I don't mind if you are are getting paid.

Hello Olympic swimmer…You did it...Maybe I can, too.

Because I am now a positive googler...



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