Getting Your "Self" Back: Step#7: Are you Bio-Worthy?

Your bio.  It’s your life in a quick paragraph.  It’s your life in a flash.  It’s your blurb in the paper when you have accomplished something.  It’s your current introduction to all things YOU.  And dare I say it?  It’s what they will say about you when you are gone. It’s your bio.  And is what’s in your bio..... Bio-worthy?

Find a pen, paper or a computer, and write it.   I have advice for you.  You may hate it.  It may embarrass you.  You may find yourself scrambling for ideas so you can forge ahead to write a second sentence.  I warn you. You may start feeling hopelessly depressed that your bio is a half of a sentence of true bio-worthy statements and ten sentences of fluff.  Ask yourself:

Is it current?  Did you write about your college GPA? Are you over 40?  That is so so sad.

Is it all about everyone else?  Oh.  You forgot to mention you in your own bio.  Bio-readers will interpret this as a lack of self-esteem…and rightly so..

Is it all about your kids?  Did you write about your Ethan winning his state soccer championship this year and you are proud to be his mother? Unless you put on cleats and won that championship yourself…who cares?  It’s not bio-worthy.

Is it all about your spouse?  Did you write that your husband is a successful dentist?    Are we going to picture you as a wife in an apron greeting her husband on a 1950's sitcom?  Yes.

Were you scrambling for topics and wrote that you prefer Dior mascara over the others?  You seem so shallow.  Not Bio-Worthy! Besides....Chanel is better.  I'm shallow, too..

Did you begin to write that you live in the suburbs of……..Stop!  Who cares where you live… NBW (not Bio-Worthy)

Oh wow!  You like to read books… That is AMAZING! You must be the only person who likes books.  I want to meet you.  Not.  

You like to speed skate? You are a liar!   You probably made it up while sitting on the couch watching the Olympics on TV…but we are getting somewhere because I like the way you are thinking.

Write the bio you want to have…….Exaggerate like hell (within reason) and then……. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Soon you will be proud of who you are, what you’ve accomplished, and all that you’ve done in your life (or, of course, plan to do after you get your self back and become worthy of your bio.)