Getting In The Zone With My Roses

I love the months before spring because I can start planning my garden.  In the Pacific Northwest, where I reside, planting too early could mean fungus and mildew so I have to be careful not to get too ahead of myself. Still, I want to be ready by May to get my garden in the ground.  Nothing brings me more peace than looking out my windows and seeing my garden.  I love the colors, the smells, the sounds.

This year I am focusing on Roses.  I have several roses but last year we had terrible weather and they were full of black spot that I just could not control.  As a result, I am taking them all out and replanting with some new disease resistant roses.  We live in Zone 8 and I am concentrating on proven winners for my zone.  Yes, I am getting in the zone. Pray for sun.

What I Am Planting

Gemini: This is what says about the Gemini: "One of the most vigorous and trouble-free hybrid teas ever, with gorgeous coloration and bloom form. And its scent is a refreshing hint of papaya. Prized for its exhibition-quality, porcelain-like blooms and remarkable vigor, prolific Gemini is among the best performing hybrid tea roses you can buy, and gorgeous, too! "  This variety is known for its disease resistance and is recommended by for  Gardens in the Pacific Northwest, like mine! Ohhhhhh, it is so pretty.  The Gemini can be purchased at  Heirloom Roses

Voluptuous:  This is how Jackson and Perkins describes this rose: "Exceptionally high-centered, fully petaled, cupped blooms and satiny, deep fuchsia-pink petals. Tall, upright, full-branched, disease-resistant plant."  The color is what sold me.  I just love this bright, rich pink color.  It makes me want to burst into song....much to my husband's chagrine!  This beauty can be purchased at Jackson and Perkins.

Voluptuous Pink Rose Voluptuous Rose

Heaven On Earth:  Who doesn't need a little Heaven On Earth.  I chose this rose because of its romantic Peony appearance. I love the whimsical yet distinguished look of the Peony and just couldn't resist this lush bloomer.  Plus, the lovely petal pink makes me sigh with happiness. Here is how Jackson and Perkins describe this rose: "A breeding breakthrough, these fully cupped blooms boast luscious shades of apricot and pink, enhanced by a spicy perfume. An excellent choice for the front of perennial borders or in group plantings in mixed beds. Superior disease resistance. "  This rose can be purchased at Jackson and Perkins


Dream Weaver Climbing Rose:  This rose will drape one of my lovely arbors. This is what Jackson and Perkins says about this climbing rose:  "Bred from floribunda and shrub rose parents for superior disease resistance and bloom production, this sturdy, energetic climber unfurls frilly bouquets on every branch. Deep coral buds contrast with rich pink flowers in a non-stop color tapestry lasting the entire summer."


Sally Homes Antique Climbing Rose:  Another arbor will be adorned with this sweetie-pie.  Here is what Jackson and Perkins says about this climbing rose: "This vigorous and hardy shrub, created from a cross between Ballerina and Ivory Fashion, unfurls fistfuls of enchanting single white flowers from peachy pink buds. The blooms blush a delicate pink as they age. Very disease resistant. Light, sweet fragrance.  "

Rosa 'Zephirine Drouhin' Climbing Rose:  I chose this rose because it tolerates some shade.  I have an arbor between the kids play house and a sloped garden spot that does get some shade for a good part of the day.  I am hoping this rose will do well there.  I purchased the rose from Wayside Gardens.  This is what Wayside Gardens says about this rose: "Long-Blooming, Thornless, and Very Profuse, Even in Shade! This classic old-fashioned climber offers big semi-double blooms of bright pink, peaking in spring and fall. 'Zephirine Drouhin' 1868. A romantic, fantastically fragrant, old-fashioned Rose, and still one of the most popular Climbing Roses today, especially in Europe. No Modern Rose has been able to exceed it for sheer performance and season-long bloom.Peaking in spring and fall, the loose, semi-double blossoms of vivid cerise-carmine provide outstanding mass effect. Grows vigorously to 15 to 20 feet and, remarkable for any Rose, performs well in shade; excellent for north-facing walls and areas with little sunlight.Rich, dark green foliage (coppery-purple when young), is very mildew resistant; canes are thornless, great for planting where traffic is heavy or children are nearby. The perfect choice to train over a trellis or porch, or trim into a formal hedge. Zones 5-9.


Peace Rose:  The Peace Rose is the most widely grown rose in the world.  It is breathtaking with large fragrant blooms in soft yellow with pink edging.  Here is what Jackson and Perkins says about this rose: "The radiant, sweetly perfumed flower with a fascinating history: this rose was named the day Berlin fell to the Allies. The day peace was signed with Japan, it won AARS honors and members of the newly formed United Nations were presented with its blooms. Golden yellow with pink edging."  This is also a disease resistant rose.  My mother has this rose in her garden and it is a regal adornment to her amazing garden.

 Opening Night:  A garden is not a garden without a perfect red rose.  I first discovered this gorgeous red rose from my mother's garden as well.  She had this Opening Night Rose for years only to lose it last year after a summer of very difficult northwest weather.   However, this regal showman graced her garden for at least 10 years before succumbing to the elements.  The color, size of blooms and the continual blooming season all summer long, one bloom after another, makes this Rose a must have for my garden.  I have searched high and low for this Rose for years and it is very difficult to find.  I have finally found it at Witherspoon Rose Culture.  Opening Night was literally my mothers pride and joy, a favorite in her garden for a very long time.  I know she will be delighted when I bring her a new Opening Night Rose to her on mothers day this year.  Shhhhhhh....don't tell.

Some Notes:

I plant all my flowers in Miracle Grow soil.  I have had amazing success using miracle grow and I use their fertilizers as well.  I just looked up the miracle grow link and found that they have a soil just for roses as well.  If I can find that, I will use it.  Here is the link:  Miracle Grow.

Disease resistant does not mean no care.  Roses, God Bless them, are high maintenance.  They are, of course, worth every minute of your time and energy.  The disease resistant varieties just make my job a litte bit easier and the outcomes are a little bit better.

 One of my favorite blogs recentely did a post on Roses For The Novice Gardener.  The post is very informative and helpful and I want to share the link with you.  Please visit Vetsy's View to read her post.


So Much To Learn:

To learn more about which roses grow well in your Zone please visit

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