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I can’t begin to describe how many levels of amazingness this dish is on. It simply tastes incredible, and it doesn’t surprise me that almost every culture has a version of rice and eggs, or eggs as an accoutrement to a main meal.

My love and appreciation for eggs is rooted in a familiar childhood memory. When I used to visit Portugal in the summer, and come home from a festa (outdoor festival), my grandmother would fry up some eggs. I just can’t get enough of the gooey goodness, especially when the edges are slightly crispy. Totally amazing! And, I don’t think I need to get into detail about how nutritious eggs are, how they’re packed with protein, and how they are naturally gluten-free.

More recently, brown rice bowls have been my go-to-comfort food, especially in winter. I fell in love with the rice bowls at Fresh vegetarian restaurants in Toronto, and try to replicate, if not create my own dishes using brown rice as the base.

I am not vegetarian, but really love the ease and simplicity of sautéing/steaming veggies and serving them over brown rice with a dash of tamari and olive oil. I was famished the other day, from running around in sub-zero temperatures, and felt like fried eggs, so I turned it into a rice bowl!

I always have cooked brown rice on hand because that’s just one of the habits I adopted going gluten-free a number of years ago. Brown rice acts as breakfast sometimes with a dash of almond milk, almonds, cinnamon, and fruit. Voilà, instant gluten-free porridge!

Brown rice and eggs are so versatile and so easy to make. Here is my creation of…..

Garlicky Kale & Egg Rice Bowl

2014-02-06 15.17.51

2-3 leaves of kale

1 clove of garlic

pinch of chilli flakes

2/3 cup brown rice

2 eggs

olive oil (a glug will do)

2014-02-06 15.11.07

  1. First I clean and dry the kale and sauté in a fry pan with olive oil, minced garlic and chilli flakes. When the leaves have turned bright green and slightly wilted, I remove the kale and place it in a bowl.
  2. Since I always have a batch of cooked brown rice, I simply heated up 2/3 of a cup in the microwave and added it to my kale.
  3. Lastly, I fried 2 eggs in the same pan I sautéed the kale, and added a little more olive oil. I flipped them over easy and added them to my rice and kale bowl.

Serves 1

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