Ghosts and ghastly places...

The prompt is about a dream house that happens to be dreamy but haunted....

I am veering off.....

I do not like to be scared. This is not a revelation. I do not read scary things. I do not watch scary movies. I do not like the feeling. The physical feeling of having my chest seize up, my breathing halt, my body tremble. NOT. MY. THING. At all.

I have seen the movie Halloween. The Shining. (I even read the book) The Exorcist. Damien, Omen 2. That is it. The last scary movie I saw was one of those. I was in my late teens. 20 maybe. I am 50 years old.

My girls are always talking about watching scary movies. I argue vehemently against it. Mostly because they are 10 and 11 years old.

I have discussed and blogged endlessly about the scary stuff I grew up around. I have also discussed how I try not to influence my own children's fears by telling them all of mine.

My husband doesn't like scary stuff either. He doesn't worry about my girls seeing scary images though. That must fall under my domain?

I do not believe in ghosts per say. I mean, I might believe in ghosts but I have never experienced any ghostly contact. I do think houses can "hold" memories that can be scary. I know that when I went into my childhood home in Tiffin Ohio, at 195 Coe Street, I felt like my 7-11 year old self. As I walked through the rooms, even though the house was devoid of furniture and under construction for a massive remodel, the memories were positively palatable.

Some ghastly stuff happened in that house. My entire family, as I had known it, blew up in that house. Complete with broken glass, blood splatter and tears.

As I walked through it with my husband and the current owners, I laughed, and cried, and stopped and stared, and rushed through all at the same time. It was overwhelming and haunting. So I guess I do believe in haunted houses after all. What I don't believe though is that one person’s haunting cannot be shared by strangers unless they are invited to share it.

If I had gone through that house with my sisters I believe it would have been too much to take. The ghosts would have been full size and in full voice. If I had been with my dad, he would have brushed over the dramatic end of our family and remembered only the years he lived there after the divorce. If I had been with my old boyfriend, Jeff, he would have focused on those years too.

So the haunting is only for the haunted. The ghosts only exist for the ones with the ghastly memories. Another example of one of my favorite sayings, "perception is reality".

Oh yes, yes it is.

Nothing has changed. My power over the ghosts does not make me want to see other people's ghosts. They still scare me. I absorb their fear because I can so easily reference my own. THAT is my perception. So THAT is my reality.

My girls can define their own "scary". I can only make sure it isn't based on something they experience here in OUR family home.


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