The Giant Shadow of Doubt

Epiphany arrived, as it so often does, on wings made of feathers sewn together with Excitement, Possibility and Courage.

But that same wind carries the beast known as Doubt, who heard of good and happy things and who, being the destroyer of Confidence and the bearer of Fear, decided to intervene.  It is instantaneous - oh how swiftly uncertainty spreads.

That is what happens with ideas, at least with me - in swoops Doubt, like a giant pterodactyl after its prey. I was thinking yesterday (I know, dangerous right?) about turning some of my flash fiction stories into greeting cards, a story card of sorts.

My vision started to sprout wings and flutter around the nest, building strength to take flight. I then picked a story or two from my memory that would allow me to 'see' in my mind what the artwork would look like - it's all there, in my head. 

My vision's wings grew powerful and soon it was gliding among the trees, getting bolder, as I contemplated an Esty store. 

The images and ideas multiplied and soon my vision was soaring above the treetops, freely imagining the possible and dismissing all uncertainty. 

That is, until the shadow passed over my vision - Where would I make these cards? Who would coax the artsy image out of my head? How much would I be able to charge? Would these even sell?

And then, as I started to re-read my stories, the shadow grew larger as it circled above my vision -  Maybe these stories are not very good. Perhaps this is just a desperate, silly idea. People are going to think I'm crazy for trying to pass this off as a story. How dare I ask money for this drivel.

My vision became exposed, unprotected  - Doubt swooped in for the kill.  

Have you ever been excited about an idea, only to be plagued with crippling Doubt?



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