Yesterday the kids and I had a wonderful afternoon at a local park.
Another home schooling mom and her four children came too, and they all
had a blast in this wide creek, catching crayfish, salamanders and
frogs. Peter caught a baby water snake. Sadly, my camera batteries
died, so no pictures.

The best part about the day - I made a new friend.

She’s new to home schooling and our group this year. While our kids
played in the water, we talked like old friends that hadn’t seen each
other in years.

You know how sometimes you meet certain people and you just click
right away, without any effort? This was one of those times. I feel
like I’m finally making that friendship connection that I’ve wanted for so long.

I have a birthday next week. The older I get, the more I treasure
close relationships. They’re precious like gold nuggets plucked from
among mud and stone.

The Lord knew what I needed. He heard the cry of my heart and he has given me this blessing, the gift of a friend.


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