College Students Need All The Handy Stuff in This Gift Guide

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College! It's time to go to college! Get ready to spend all the money at Target! But after you've gone crazy stocking up on matching comforters, shower caddies and collapsible laundry hampers, think about surprising your favorite student (or yourself) with some of these more original supplies.

bike light


Monkey Light for Bikes

bike light
Monkey Light, $40

Bikes are the best way to get around some campuses light on free parking, but safety can be an issue at night, especially as the days get shorter. This sophisticated bike light straps to your spokes and displays artist-designed, 8-bit graphics on your spinning bike wheel. You can even get edgy with 19 themes and 16 colors with hundreds of combinations. Ride on.


Cordless Adjustable Vacuum Cleaner

adjustable vacuum
Black & Decker Pivot Vac, $60

Even though the image looks like the vacuum has a bunch of different nozzles, it's just one that adjusts everywhere. I use mine to get junk out of the couch cushions and from under the fridge. Dorms have no room for a full upright vacuum cleaner but plenty of rugs and other fluffy things just dying to be swept. This is a no-brainer.


Dorm Safe

dorm safe
Go Vault College Dorm Safe, $15

No need to worry about dorm-room sticky fingers when you can lock your stuff in this safe and then lock the safe to the furniture or clothing rod. Six different colors, comes with a padlock.


Power Strip Bed Risers

bed risers
Set of four power bed risers, $30

Create an extra seven inches of vertical space underneath your bed and add traditional and USB outlets at the same time. BAM.


Heat-Resistant Style Station

style station
Style Station Organizer, $20

Three slots that you can use even when your flat iron is still hot. Slots for cords in the back keep things tidy. You can stand it up or hang it on your towel rack.

What do you think all college students need?

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