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Creative Family Traditions & Ideas: A Guide to Growing Future Memories


My Review

You'll know from previous posts, especially the Christmas Series and Birthday Ideas posts, that we enjoy creating fun family traditions at our house.  So I am thrilled that I have the chance to review this great book about family traditions.

First, Creative Family Traditions gets definite bonus points for presentation and SPARKLES!  If anyone knows me in real life, they know how much I like a little bit of "bling", and this book has some bling!  The book came in clear plastic wrapping with a gorgeous ribbon wrapped around it and tied with a tiny heart charm.  And it has little faux jewels on the front cover of the book itself.  Those extra little touches yell, "Pick me, pick me!" especially if the book is being chosen as a gift.  Who doesn't like something special, and to me, nice ribbon, shiny charm and little jewels say special all over the place!

The very next thing I noticed is that the book is spiral bound with a velcro pocket in the cover.  This binding allows the book to lay flat and provides ease of viewing for the projects inside. In the past I've taken several of my favorite paperback books and had the binding cut off and replaced with a spiral binding.  I LOVE this feature of this book.  The velcro pocket allows you to tuck a few things inside and have them handy with the book - another great organizing feature that will help to keep supplies or notes together where you need them!

The content of the book is well-organized into sections: Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Easter, Summertime, Halloween, Christmas, and Miscellaneous.

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