Gift Ideas: baking kit


so we're going to a chocolate party today. 

if this is your party, read no further!

please don't spoil your surprise!!


if you are NOT having a "chocolate" party today 

then you have my permission to read on :)


my girls and i try to come up with fun and 

original birthday gifts.


one of their friends is having a sleepover tonight and

her theme is a chocolate party 

(in case you didn't already catch that).


we thought instead of a barbie or 

another craft kit for a newly 10 year old;

let's get creative.


we put together some goodies.



the best part is while being more fun it is less expensive!

(who says pricier is better?!!)



Francesca picked out her pal's favorite type of 

chocolate (Ghirardelli) in a brownie mix at the grocery store.


then we headed to the dollar store and Soleil helped pick out

 this cute pink and white polka-dot oven mitt and potholder. 

we found a nice set of wooden spoons and a great scraper.


Francesca came up with the idea of sliding the brownie mix 

into the potholder - sometimes my kids border on genius ;)

we tied a pretty ribbon around the spoons, 

and slid the scraper in with the mix. 

Francesca grabbed a cute basket from her room and viola...


i'm sure this 10 year old will enjoy baking her 

Ghirardelli brownies.

and i'm sure she'll enjoy having a sweet treat to eat and share with her family.


i see more of these baking kits in our near 

gift giving future ;)

now we just need a pretty little card to go with it...

hmmm, wonder where we could get that from? wink, wink.


thank you for reading

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♡ krystina

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