Gift Ideas for Your Child's Teacher as the School Year Begins

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The beginning of a new school year is finally here, and teachers are busy prepping their classrooms for the fresh new faces they’ll be instructing this year. If you know any first-year teachers, this can be an especially exciting, yet nerve-wracking, time of year. Just like students will have their list of back to school supplies, there are some supplies and gifts you can give to help teachers prepare for the upcoming school year.

Gift Ideas for Teachers at the Beginning of the Year

A durable bag
Being a teacher means carrying a lot of baggage -- literally. Whether there’s a special activity happening that day in class or you need to lug a classroom’s worth of papers home at night, teachers need a helping hand when it comes to carrying all their stuff to and from the classroom each day. A durable canvas tote or messenger bag should be large enough to fit all of the items the teacher in your life needs to carry, and it should be a sturdy enough material to last your teacher the entire school year. If you know your teacher friend will be packing a lunch most days, a monogrammed lunch box might also be another gift idea to make traveling to and from school easier each day.

Gifts for Teachers as the School Year Begins
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While it might not be possible for your teacher to sneak away to the fridge in between lessons to grab a snack, you can give them some snacks that are perfect to store in their desks and that will keep them content until lunch. Flavored almonds, trail mix, and maybe even jerky bars will be healthy snacking options that can fill your teacher friend up on protein without the added side effect of a sugar crash. Utz offers tins and packages of snacks such as pretzels, chips, and even organic goodies in a large container that is sure to last them through a good portion of the school year.

Teddy bear gift basket
This one will be perfect for the first-year teacher in your life. The Serious Teddy Bear Company offers teddy bear gifts designed just for adults, and the company features a Best Teacher Hugs gift basket ideal to send any first year teacher. The teddy bear gift basket also comes with the book Great Teachers Give Us Lifelong Gifts, which is filled with inspiration any teacher is sure to love.

An “emergency” kit
Most classrooms should come with a first aid kit, but what about other emergencies that might arise during the day? While this gift might take a little more work, it is something your teacher friend will surely appreciate and never forget. To make an “emergency” kit, brainstorm any essential items your teacher friend might be helpless without during the day. Some examples could be travel toiletries (deodorant, lip balm, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, lotion), mints, floss, a travel sewing kit, an extra cell phone charger, aspirin, heartburn medicine, and other items that are pretty important to have nearby at most times. They’ll certainly be thankful of the care and consideration you put into their emergency kit on a day where they have a pounding headache or show up at school after forgetting to put on deodorant.

School supplies
Even though most teachers will give their students a list of supplies to bring in at the beginning of the school year, teachers will still spend their own money to purchase supplies for their classroom. Offer to purchase some school supplies that they need to make their year a great success; they’ll be sure to appreciate it.


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