Gifts That College Students Want

College student can be a tricky group to shop for, so I asked
college students and recent college grads for gift ideas. Overall,
practical gifts are best when shopping for a college student. Here are
some of the responses that I got, as well as some that have always been
my favorites to give and get:

  1. Gift cards to groceries store, CVS, Target, etc. - College
    students always need random things, like toiletries and snacks, but
    tend to have very little money. Gift cards to stores that sell a
    variety of items are a great option. They can be saved until needed or
    used to buy something fun.
  2. Food - One year my grandma gave me a huge shopping bag full
    of snack items - popcorn, pretzels, candy, etc. This was greatly
    appreciated when I went back to school for spring semester and I even
    had enough to share with friends.
  3. Pens & Notebooks - College students always need pens and
    notebooks. Pick out ones that are nicer than the standard college-ruled
    notebook and ball point pen. Small items like these can make studying
    and taking notes more enjoyable.
  4. Clothes - College students can always use new colleges. You
    may want to ask what their favorite store is or if their is something
    particular they'd like. Another option is to order something from their
    college or university's book store. Sweatshirts and t-shirts are easy
    to pick out and always appreciated.
  5. Pajamas/Lounge wear - A lot of time is spent in dorms and
    the library when you're a college student. Pick out something
    comfortable for them to lounge around in. For girls - Victoria's Secret
    Pink is a popular brand. For boys, try Under Armour or another athletic
  6. Movies - As busy as college students may be, they do have
    down time. College students love movies - especially comedies. Consider
    buying them one of the following - Wedding Crashers, Juno or Billy
    Madison. Package the movie with popcorn and candy for a great gift.
  7. Toolkit - When I started college, my dad bought me a
    toolkit. My first reaction was, "What am I going to do with this?" A
    few months into college I realized that a hammer, screwdriver, and
    level were useful when decorating the room, putting together
    inexpensive furniture and more. I often had friends ask to borrow the
    toolkit because they didn't have one.
  8. Desk Organizers - College desks tend to be small and college
    students tend to have a lot of books, notebooks, pens, pencils, etc.
    Look for some matching organizers, bookends and pencil holders. Add a
    gift card to an office supply store and you'll be giving the perfect
    gift to get a college student ready for the new semester.
  9. Magazine Subscription - Find out what magazines the college
    student likes to read and get them a 1-year subscription. They'll enjoy
    getting mail while at college, as well as the study break that the
    magazine will provide.
  10. Rain boots - This is a good idea for girls. Walking to class
    in the rain can be miserable and a cute pair of rain boots is a fun
    gift to get. Check out J. Crew for classic rain boots in a variety of

Let me know if you have any questions about gifts for college students or recent college grads!

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