The Gin and Chowder Club by Nan Rossiter

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[Editor's note: After reading Ti's review of Nan Rossiter's The Gin and Chowder Club I've decided it's the perfect summer cottage read. Now I just need to find a cottage.]

Review: The Gin and Chowder Club

gin and chowder club The story is set in the early 60′s and this particular summer happens to be the last summer before Asa goes off to college. The Colemans worry whether their son is ready to embark on such an adventure, and admittedly, Asa has some doubts of his own, but he has no idea how complicated life really is until he finds himself drawn to Noelle, Nate’s younger wife.

At its heart, this is most certainly a love story, but it’s also a story of about trust, betrayal, friendship and the ability to forgive. Rossiter does an amazing job of describing the angst…the yearning and the horrible guilt that results from Asa and Noelle’s relationship. There is a taunting, teasing quality to it, but also a good dose of remorse. These are good people being tested. That’s how I felt while reading it.

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