Gingerbread Brownies

I’ve been dying to share this recipe with you for days and days and years!

I exaggerate. It’s only been two days. I’m quite good at exaggerating though. My excuse? I’m a Taurus which naturally limits my ability to state the facts correctly. That, and my Mom was a pro at it too. It was bound to be passed down, right?

Thankfully, Kevin has learned when to apply the Leanne filter to my various Leanne-isms and has come to find them quite endearing.

… or so he says…

Our conversations at home go something like this,

“Kevin, Kevin, I just spilled the entire paint can on the floor. There is purple paint everywhere?! On the carpet, it splashed up on me, it got on the walls?! I’ve ruined everything!” I scream from another room.

“How much paint did you actually spill?” Kevin asks.

“Well, lots”

“How much is lots?”

“As big as my face” (I say that a lot)


“Well, maybe not that big…”

“Will we have to get more paint? You want to go to Home Depot now, it’s 9:30pm”

This is the point where I look down at the paint on the floor, then back up at all the walls that still need to be painted, then back to the spot on the floor.

“Well, I guess it’s not that bad”…

All Leanne-isms aside, these brownies are awesome.

You’ll swear they taste like a brownie, you’ll think there’s chocolate in them, you’ll feel like they’re a high fat treat but I got news for you… there is no chocolate AND they are low in fat, calories and sugar, too! I know, it’s a mad house over here.

Did you know that the definition of brownies state that they aren’t specifically limited to chocolate? A great random fact that you can share with 5 friends. I’ll bet they’ll be just as surprised as I was.

Or better yet, go home, make these, then share them with your friends while you tell them that brownies aren’t limited to just chocolate.

You’ll get major brownie points for that one. Pun intended.

Excuse me, I have some brownies to polish off before I head to the office.


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