What is your favorite holiday, Christmas cookie? One of my favorite cookies is the gingersnap. My grandfather introduced me to the spicy gingersnap cookie as a child. You could dunk your gingersnap in your glass of milk or coffee, or add it to a bowl of vanilla ice cream to soften it before taking a bite. Early as a child, I had to periodically stop eating gingersnaps as my teeth loosened. However, as I grew, I was more excited about having a gingersnap cookie, once I had all my teeth because I no longer had to rely on the milk to soften the cookie- who wants a soggy cookie? What is the point? Afterall, it is supposed to be a ginger-SNAP!

     A few months ago, while attending the morning session of a women's blogger conference, Blogalicious,  - I had a brief conversation with a few attendees about where they obtain recipes and menus online and what food substitutions they sometimes make. On Twitter, a few weeks ago, I tweeted Shuffle, Shuffle, Shift, Replace. Many times, to reduce the fat and sugar in our recipes, we have to make substitutions in our baking. Well, the gingersnap cookie recipe is full of spicy flavor that can be made with less sugar if molasses is used. What is your favorite holiday cookie?

Happy Holidays!

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Happy Holidays!


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