Girl Friends

It’s been a hell of a week, one thing after another and I’m feeling absolutely overwhelmed, alone, and abandoned. Poor me… I know!! Normally, I just keep most of this kind of stuff to myself, although sharing some of it with my mom. Given the circumstances, with that… (Check out “I Didn’t See That Coming”, if you don’t know what I’m talking about.) I've decided that I’d really like a girl friend, someone that I can call and share the good and the bad with, talk about girl-stuff (whatever that is these days). Someone who can call me and do the same. In “Lone Ranger” I told y’all about Skeeter. We talked the other day, I accidentally blurted out something implying that I am dealing with a problem. She called me yesterday saying she was there for me for anything, and I just let it out. I told her the top layer of pretty much everything I’m dealing with. It was nice. She did the same with some issues she's dealing with too. Previously, I had communicated like this with my mom. So this is new territory for me. Branching out and trusting someone else. I ran into 2 other women I know yesterday, both were so nice and cheery and chit-chatty, it was wonderful to just visit so pleasantly. One of my friendship goals is going to be – to not sell myself short. Make the effort to communicate on a regular basis; to be a real "friend". Real friendship takes effort on both sides. I'm going to make an effort. We’ll see what happens.


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