Girl with Pen Blog Goes Group!

I'm thrilled to announce -- just in time for Election 2008! -- that the blog I started, Girl with Pen, has gone group. I'm joined by an amazing team of writers and editors, and our mission remains the same.  Girl with Pen publicly
and passionately dispels modern myths concerning gender, encouraging
other feminist scholars, writers, and thinkers to do the same. Hope you'll stop by!  And please feel free to join my email list for periodic updates on GWP webinars, services, and events, feminist publishing news, and more.

Read more about the new faces over at GWP:


Deborah Siegel
Kristen Loveland


Virginia Rutter

Elizabeth Curtis

Jacqueline Hudak

Laura Mazer

Courtney Martin

Elline Lipkin

Allison Kimmich

Veronica Arreola

Gwendolyn Beetham

Tonni Ann Brodber 

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