Girl With Pen Digest January 17

This week
at GWP, Deborah gets personal…

Like so
many families, Deborah and Marco are being personally impacted by the current
economic crisis. Deborah has been sharing the personal hardship she is undergoing
in the wake of her husband Marco’s layoff with GWP readers, beginning with the
post “Economic Downturn Hits Home Here at
,” and most recently, “Our Loss Response.” Deborah is consistently honest and optimistic
as she shares her revelations and coping mechanisms with the blogosphere. Whether you’re in her situation or suffering
some variation of economic strife during these hard times, her candor is sure to
renew your sense of hope in Change!

The feminist blogosphere is
buzzing—and so are we—about…

ObamaNation: Kristen
Loveland sums up speculations on the Obama administration’s plans for
reproductive rights, recent nominations, and what it all means for women—particularly
their reproductive rights— in her post, “Sex
and Sensibility: the Obama administration.

Our resident
editor is fiercely optimistic about the publishing industry in the face of economic

GWPer Laura Mazer enumerates the positive
repercussions of the rapidly failing, older business model for the sale of
artistic and intellectual property:

Independent publishers have long been able to
produce quality books on thrifty budgets, and big houses are quickly going to
have to pick up these think-small skills as well. With all this low-cost,
efficient publishing, there should be more room, not less, for great ideas to
reach their audiences. In other words: It’s OK if your book isn’t going to sell
60,000 copies, because your publisher won’t need it to to recoup the cost of
its creation. You’ve got a 5,000-sales niche-driven book idea? Let’s hear it.

Read more about
the exciting changes on the rise in her post, “Book Smarts: Tempest Watch 2009.

New at GWP…

Elline Lipkin offers her review
of the new book,
Mama, PhD

The contributors in this book, edited by Caroline Grant and
Elrena Evans, break the seal of silence that suppresses the intense
difficulties and institutionalized prejudice that academics who want to be more
than just a “head on a stick” – but rather a whole person, including a maternal
body – experience.

As always…

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