Girl in Translation Shows the Value in Having One Good Friend

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Having known poverty and hard work in my life, I thought there would be much to relate to in this book, although of course I have never had to work in a sweatshop for pennies. I wanted to love it, but just couldn't find my way to it. So much of it should have been wrenching, causing me to truly be able to feel the experiences both Kim and her mother went through. Their triumphs should have been equally moving, but mostly I was left feeling flat. The writing was clear and well done, and the story itself was good. However, I felt like it was lacking in real emotion and I didn't feel personally invested in any of the characters.

However,there were some redeeming factors in the book. Kim's friendship with Annette was heartwarming, showing the value we should all place in one good friend. The final confrontation with Kim's aunt, Paula, was satisfying, although again, lacking in emotion for me. The ending of the book was something of an anti-climax, though, leaving me wondering if the choices Kim made were worth the price.

All in all, while this wasn't a horrible book, neither was it one leaving me feeling like I would like to be friends with any of the characters, and it isn't going to be one that I would come back to like an old friend.


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