Girl in Translation: I Couldn't Put it Down

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Girl in Translation is a beautiful, riveting story about a young girl named Kimberly Chang and her journey as she moves from her homeland of Hong Kong to Brooklyn, New York. After the death of her Father and her mother's health issues, Kimberly's mother decides to come to New York in search of a better life for them. Kimberly's aunt and husband live in New York and promise them a home and work.

Arriving in New York, they quickly realize their dreams of a better life may not come true. Both Kimberly and her mother struggle to adapt to American culture. Kimberly is teased in school, only knowing a small amount of English. Their new lives are beyond difficult. Kimberly attends school during the day and then works at a sweatshop with her Mother until evening.

I was immediately drawn into this story as the author Jean Kwok paints this heart wrenching story of what many immigrants face coming to America. It felt incredibly real, as if I was there living it with them. I also learned so much about Chinese culture through the eyes of 11 year old Kimberly. I was moved to tears at times as she described life in a roach and rodent filled apartment and the grueling and endless work of sweatshop factories.

Girl in Translation is an inspiring story about love, family, and determination. It is an eye opening look into the lives of immigrants and the harsh realities of the sweatshop life. Kimberly's story will move you and inspire you. I loved this book and how the author made me feel so connected to each character. Once I started reading, I couldn't put the book down.

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