I was just pondering some of the things we (women) say to each other when it comes to fashion.  There are some pretty standard comments we make as part of our meet-greet with our girlfriends.  However, I'm thinking there is some hidden (true) meaning in the "Girlfriend-ese" we use with one another, and I just wanted to share some of my "what I was really thinking" insight.


We say: "You look so cute"

Translation: "I'm jealous as hell."


We say: "It looks good on you"

Translation: "I wouldn't be caught dead in that"


We say: "That makes you look thin"

Translation: "You're looking heavier lately"


We say: "Where did you get that?"

Translation: "Good Lord, girl, that's ugly"


We say: "I have one exactly like that, only it's different"

Translation: .... uh, I have no earthly idea what that statement means.



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