Girls and Sports - A Mentor's Advice

So I asked the captain if she had advice for young girls just starting out in sports and here is what she had to say:


Sports provide young girls the opportunity to work hard, have fun and win in a way other activities cannot. I believe young girls who are just starting to play sports should always remember to have positive thinking and to never get down on themselves. Every young athlete needs to continuously work hard and practice to gain skills and knowledge of a particular sport or game. Sports concepts and abilities may not come easy to you but you need to believe in yourself and never give up. You may not be the first girl to hit a home run or score a goal but that doesn’t mean you never will. Even as a college athlete, I have to remember to think positive thoughts when I am practicing or competing in games. To be successful, I must believe that I can do it! Having self-confidence is extremely important.


It is also important to remember that sports should always be fun.  Practicing and competing in games should be an enjoyable experience. Sports not only allow you to learn new skills, but they enable you to gain new friends and connect with young girls who may share the same interests as you. I believe sports can empower young girls everywhere. The biggest advice I can give young girls today is to have self-confidence and to have fun. With hard work, dedication and positive thinking, sports can take you on an incredible journey.


By Tracy Rainey, Senior, Lake Forest College

Captain of the Women’s Varsity Basketball and Softball teams


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