Girls Can't Be What They Can't See (Will you help?)

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Will you help?

I hope that you will consider doing me a favor. I am editing an anthology titled: CHICA PEEPS (groups of women who anchor, guide and nurture each other, often through humor; sisterhoods of strength and support). Please do me the honor of submitting a short story/essay about the Chica Peeps in your life, as well as spread the Chica Peeps message of sisterhood.

Sadly, I recently showed Miss Representation to a 15 year-old girl I am tutoring.  She sat quietly through the documentary and at the end told me that, "Women and girls are not objectified" and that her favorite movies and television programs are the ones discussed in the film. Of course we discussed her comments and they've been plaguing me since last week. Her statement made me even more convinced that girls need the concept of Chica Peeps early, in small doses, so they begin to appreciate what they have, and learn to count on each other for a lifetime of change, growth and...friendship.

Girls can't be what they can't see, and women and girls (of ALL ages) need Chica Peeps - please share your story. I suspect your Chica Peeps have helped you arrive at the point where you are today.

In sisterhood,

Velya -


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