Girls’ Getaway

Two years ago I went to a friend’s cottage with a few other women. While I didn’t know all those invited, it was … nice. That was the first and only time I’d gone away without family, D, or the kids since university in Wales. 

The cottage weekend was good, yet I long for something different. Less calm, more … well, more something. Strictly in a non getting-arrested-and-living-with-regrets-for-the-rest-of-your-life way. Nothing as extreme as a ‘What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas’ weekend. No rhinestone covered corsets dangling from chandeliers, nor spotty memories of stumbling into smoky 70s era gambling dens and emerging hours later with questionable tattoos and new *ahem* friends.

I don’t roll that way. Also – corsets pinch.

Although D and I look forward to a getaway of our own in the soon timeframe and we travel often as a family, an estrogen-only weekend seems like something to add to my Must Do list.

Ingredients for a wickedly fun weekend:

  • 4 to 6 friends willing to laugh a lot. I’m already making a list.
  • Enough food (and by that I mean cheese and chocolate, and lots of it) with minimal dishes to wash. Bonus points if it’s prepped and served by someone else.
  • Beverages to suit different tastes, and enough so that all participants can sample.
  • A place to sleep. Got to be a bit practical.
  • Time and place must be free of daily responsibilities. That means NO work, spouses (sorry guys – we still love you), and kids (we love you too – now shoo).
  • While a beach, poolside cabana, or far-flung chalet is not necessary, more bonus points if you can swing it.
  • Mix it all together, sit back, and enjoy. Responsibly.

Maybe this is a midlife crisis* minus the Italian sports car, giggling bimbo, and shoe lifts. Certainly friendships have been on my mind a lot recently. I’m convinced only good can come of having a few days and evenings with like-minded women where we eat far too much, drink only slightly less, laugh until we cry, and fall asleep without properly removing our mascara. Just cause we’re all crazy like that.

Have you ever had a girlfriend’s getaway? Would you want one?

* Do women even have midlife crises? Don’t we get that out of the way with our never-ending pregnancy+child rearing+perimenopausal hormonal rollercoaster anyway?

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