Girls room Re-Do

The bedroom makeovers are happening a little bit out of order. The plan was to do the purple room first, since our main motivation for the re-do was the fact that our 3 yr old is still in a crib. But the mattress delivery took much longer than we hoped, and we still wanted to get as much done as possible during the break between Christmas and New Years.

So, the purple room is on hold until next week, but a long and expensive trip to Ikea (more details on the other projects yet to come!), resulted in us bringing home a bed for my oldest. She was SO excited about it all that 90% of the room came together rather quickly. And I'm so excited about it, that I'm posting about it before we have all of the finishing touches done. The final touches of artwork and lighting will be projects for the future.

Here is the before: (and if you missed my post with her inspiration board, check that out here)

I know, the toys on the floor totally add to the vision of the room...I have no idea why I took this picture, because it's a terrible picture, but here it is. The picture makes me cringe because I never would have picked that bedding to go with this wall's just too much. We just happened to move into some place with a red/pink bedroom, and we were happy that it didn't completely clash with the bedding that we already owned.

But, I'm feeling the need to go even further back to explain the bedding. When she was 2, we put her in a big girl bed to allow us to use her crib for her little sister who would be arriving shortly. We lived in an apartment with 47 white walls. The color made MUCH more sense back then.

And trust me, if I had a picture that didn't include me in my 8 months pregnant glory, I would have chosen it over this one :)

Anyway, the crazy stripey polka dotted mis matchedness made tons of sense in a white on white room for a 2 yr old- but I am so glad to finally move on from it.

As I mentioned in my last post, here is the inspiration was this growing collection of Disney dolls:


And look how fabulous they look in their new bed:
And look how fabulous the new bed looks in this room:

The bedding is just a plain white duvet cover that I found on clearance- but it has a tiny bit of teal piping around the edges, which works great because her curtains and her favorite throw blanket of the moment are both teal.

The best part about her having a real bed (for me anyway), is all of the room underneath that it opens up for storage.

Those bins hold all 5 dozen of the barbies that she currently owns.
And then I was able to create her (and her sister) a little play area with all of the barbie accessories, and other tiny toy sets with 10 thousand pieces each.
The bed came from Ikea, but in case it isn't clear already from some of my previous posts what my favorite store is- I will tell you the shopping sources for everything else in this room:
The white cube organize- Target.
The colorful toy buckets- Target dollar bin.
The cloth cubes now under the bed- Target.
Curtains- Target (clearance).
Bedding- Target (clearance).
Most of the toys you see here- probably Target :)
Hey, I used to work there, what can I say???
So, final before/after side by side. What do you think?

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