Girls, Space, Science, and Education: Can BlogHer Get On This?

I'm at BlogHer 2008, and I'm feeling a bit of a lack. Three topics that I care very much about are science, education, and kids -- because I think all of them are the key to the future. These are very fundamentally women's issues, and women are blogging about these topics. (Disclosure: I have no children by choice, and right now I'm sitting in the non-mommyblogger session).

My spouse Tom Vilot does an educational video project called SkyGuy, where he answers kids' questions about space and astronomy. Today he posted about how cool, intriguing, and encouraging it is that most of the questions he gets come from girls in elementary and middle school.

Tom wrote: "Why is that? I don’t really have an answer, but I do find it
encouraging. As we move farther into space, as we explore our solar
system and send astronauts to the moon and Mars, as we try to answer
the most perplexing questions about the universe, we need all the
talents we can bring to the job."

This makes me wonder: I haven't seen much discussion on, or at the conferences (including this one) about topics such as space and science that are not traditionally "women's space" (pun intended).

There is some discussion on about education, although much of that happens in the mommyblogging context. But as I make this post, I see BlogHer's CMS does not have an education topic. Nor is there a science topic. They'd be niche topics here, sure. But this site does have an "astrology and horoscopes" topic -- and to me, that just makes the lack of education and science topics here seem a bit glaring.

Is there something we (including I) can do about this? Maybe we could frame it as a "shaping the future" topic to make it less of a narrow niche in this community?

Also, does anyone have any possible answers for Tom about my he might be getting most of his questions from girls? What do you think about that data point?


- Amy Gahran


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