Girls of Summer Movies: Where's Wonder Woman?

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[Did you know that the creator of Wonder Woman was a man? Or that William Moulton Marston saw the comic strip heroine as an antidote to sexism in the 1940s? So why hasn’t there been a movie about the iconic female character? Alexandra Hinton at Fempop argues that maybe Wonder Woman is too perfect. Do you agree?--Mona]

She writes:

Whereas Superman was created to entertain, and Batman was created to cash in on the superhero trend, Wonder Woman was created for a mission. Marston saw promise in comics as a medium to educate. So he created an avatar for peace and love. He also created Wonder Woman to empower woman. He felt that misogyny in the early 40s was so bad that women couldn’t be women and thus couldn’t do proper sweet womanly things…like iron his shirts or whatever.

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