E!'s Giuliana Rancic Announces Double Mastectomy

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This week Giuliana Rancic made an announcement that she'll be undergoing a double mastectomy. Having experienced my own slew of cancer drama, I just want to say how nice it was to have a relatable, inspiring spokesperson for this sort of thing.

Recently at MD Anderson, the hospital I attend, I witnessed a vast display of quilts - all made in the name creating ovarian cancer awareness. (My particular disease.) While quilts are nice (I guess?), I really had a hard time feeling connected to them. I mean, they're quilts.

It's refreshing to see Giuliana - someone hot, young, relevant, and cool tell her story. We need more spokespeople like her. I am scheduled to undergo a lumpectomy in February. By no means do I think I have breast cancer, but based on my medical history and relatively young age (Dirty 30!) the doctors want to be ultra, ultra conservative.

I usually opt to be more discreet about this sort of thing. But in the name of Giuliana, I thought I too could share my story. As far as cancer awareness and spokespeople go, I'm no Ms. Rancic. But I hope that I'm cooler than quilts. If not, I've got much bigger problems on my hands than cancer.

Watch the video of Giuliana's announcement below:


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