I’ve never worked a casino before.  Not for the community league, not for the playschool, not for anyone.  I don’t gamble.  And I prefer to forget about the tight, dark faces of the ones who lose too much – or the ones who take it all.  I don’t like to be up all night.  I don’t like being managed.  (I’m self-employed for a reason.)  I was sure I wouldn’t like working casinos, so I always refused to do it.

But then I got an email for The Centre for Family Literacy.  The people who opened my eyes to the state of education in Alberta, and the value of constructive activism.  For them, I would walk stark naked down a flaming gangplank over a shark-infested bay.  They were short two people for a 9:45pm to 3:15am shift.

What could I say?

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