The Give and Take of Writing

Whether you've been in the writing business for a day or a decade, you've been part of the give and take of writing.

Someone thought you needed to know that such-and-such publisher is not longer accepting any manuscripts from children's writers. Another wirter thinks something you wrote weeks ago and shared on forum would be a perfect fit for XYZ Magazine. Word comes down from on high that awards are being created for self-published books.

These types of information are constant and ever-changing fpr writers. We encourage one another to move to higher goals, take additional courses to strengthen skill sets, or attend workshops and conferences. We never stop learning and always want to share what we've just discovered.

Whether it's the nature of those who become writers to behave this way, without jealousy or rancor, I can't say with certainty. What I can say is that being within any group of writers is tantamount to finding a new family with fringe benefits. We like talking with one another. We want to help another's career, for in helping others we teach outselves. Not many industries can brag about that kind of comaraderie. 

I like to pass on cool information to someone who can use it. I know that regardless of how that person uses the info, it will in no way inpinge upon how I use it. That knowledge is the slickest reason to pass it along--doing so creates variety within the industry and more reason for a reader to pick up our words.

Accommodating new readers is always a plus for a writer.

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