GIve David Ortiz the Contract He Wants!!

give ortiz the contract

Being the ripe old age of twenty for me it seems like David Ortiz has been with the team forever. He has essentially won the playoff series for the team in 2004 against the Yankees, and practically carried the entire offense last season on the way to another World Series Victory. The guy has been a monster for the team no matter the turmoil or prosperity occurring within the organization. Although hardly ever sitting quietly he has done his job for longer and with more consistency than any other player in the organization in the past ten years. I guess what I'm trying to say is that the Red Sox should give Ortiz the contract he wants, and deserves.

Grading the Red Sox By Position

David Ortiz is no stranger to contract negotiations with the Red Sox. Over the past five years I can't count the amount of times I thought Ortiz would be headed elsewhere for a pay day. He consistently handcuffed the Red Sox organization by requesting big long term contracts despite being on the wrong side of thirty. However for once I think Ortiz has made a reasonable request and the Sox should Give Ortiz the contract extension for 4 main reasons.

From New England Sports Talk

  1. Consistency On The Big Stage --- David Ortiz can't make an impact on the field because he is DH, and can't make an impact on the bases because he is dreadfully slow. What David Ortiz can do is hit, and he has been raking opposing pitching for years. More importantly he has been an impact at the plate on the biggest of stages. He is a career .295 hitter in the playoffs including hitting .353 last season, .400 in 2004, and .370 in 2007 all when the Red Sox won World Series. He is the King of clutch hitting and clutch players aren't found easily in the MLB
  2. He Is A Face Of The Organization --- For all the grumbling he has done over the ears about his contract the fact of the mater is Boston LOVES David Ortiz. The Red Sox Should Give Ortiz the contract extension he requested because Ortiz's Playoff heroics and occasional antics have brought him adoration from the Red Sox fan base. You don't get a nickname like "Big Papi" if the fans don't love you.
  3. He Is Less Affected By Age --- No David Ortiz is not some superhuman that is less affected by age or injury. He has had his fair share of injuries and slumps,but David Ortiz has the competitive advantage of being the DH. Unlike field players Ortiz mostly just sits around until he has to hit. With his eased workload Ortiz should be able to finish out the late part of his thirties with minimal effect on his hitting.
  4. The Budget --- With Lackey, Dempster, and several other contracts expiring after this season the Red Sox really have opportunities to trim some fat off of the budget. Some of the money saved from these expiring contracts could be used towards Ortiz's contract extension.

I The Red Sox would Be crazy not to Give Ortiz the Contract Extension but do you agree? Should The Red Sox give in?