Give me Some Warning

We went to a friend's house for a cookout on Memorial Day. I had a headache, and really just wanted to stay home and sleep. We had committed to the afternoon, and our youngest son was excited to see friends he hadn't seen in a long time, so we went.



My son at the hospital waiting for testing.

After we got there, I found out that not only were two of the children of the hosting family sick, but also three of the children from the other visiting family. I could have used a warning.

What happened to giving the other parents a call and saying, "Hey. Just so you know, Johnny's got a cold. He's coughing a lot. He's playing and seems fine, but I wanted you to know." Because, really, my family's health should be my decision, not the other parent's decision. 

To be honest, I may have said, "No big deal." Of course, since I had a headache, I probably would have said, "Thanks for the heads up. We'll see you next time." 

Come to find out, the children of the hosting family, who my children spent hours playing with, have whooping cough. That means that my entire family is going on antibiotics. We may have infected multiple other children while playing with them on Saturday. Of course, this spread of infection all could have been prevented with one little phone call.

What do you do? Do you let other people know when there's potential for infection? Do you shrug it off and hope your kid isn't contagious?


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