Sometimes in life we simply have to give our lives a bath……Sort of get rid of all the dust and dirt we collected along the way…..Stuff can stick to us sometimes if we are not careful. We need to be more like a stick proof pan…..Since we aren’t stick proof pans we have to sometimes give our lives a bath….Sometimes that bath requires us to let go of things or situations that no longer fit in our lives….that had their season but the season is no longer….or perhaps situations we should never have allowed in our lives to begin with.

The other day I walked into someone’s home and it looked as if nothing had been moved or changed in years….IT just looked STALE…..Usually what I have found is that if one area of a person’s life is stale, probably all the other areas of a person’s life are stale……CREATING FRESHNESS in one’s life requires one to make some changes to bring an ALIVENESS back into their lives…

So many people are afraid of change, even down to the smallest of things in their lives….They simply do not like movement of any kind….Without change we become stale….like bread…..but when we make the right changes in our lives we become FRESH…..Even when we have made a wrong change it will often still produce a freshness within us…an excitement for life….It gets us moving….Of course we don’t aim for wrong changes….We aim for right changes….The point is when we make changes it simply begins to move all the other pieces to our lives…..creating a newness, excitement, and freshness…..

One of my friends went from silver grey hair to dark brown. I was surprised at what a change it produced in her personality……She explained that it was simply an outward change to reflect an inward change…..Another friend sold her expensive car and bought a small pick up truck…..She said the expensive car made her feel “retired” and she wanted to feel like a “worker” again….Shortly thereafter she started her own company and did quite well….The pick-up truck simply reflected the change going on on the inside of her…..Another one of my friends decided to go back to college at age 60….She said she felt young again and she began to look younger simply as a result of thinking younger…..

There are times that what worked in the past will no longer work in the future. There are situations that are good that we want to keep but they need to move from front burner to back burner so to speak….There are times we need to give our life a bath and simply remove what stuck to us that should not be stuck to us. It can be in the form of ideas that were not right for our lives that are holding us back as long as we are holding on to the wrong or outdated ideas…..Keeping what is good and applicable to our lives and letting go of what is not……Adding a new freshness to our lives through the right ideas and goals…..Adding new ways of doing things….new people, new places…..Giving ourselves a Fresh perspective based upon the good we have already built for our lives…

Sometimes the smallest of changes can produce the biggest results…..Sometimes all it takes are a couple small changes to have a domino effect upon our lives in a good way…..Just make sure that the changes you intend to make are good changes that will make your life better….GET FRESH……


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