GIVEAWAY! The 30-Day Vegan Challenge with Colleen Patrick-Goudreau {Vegan MoFo #9}

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During Vegan MoFo 2012 I have been offering tips and tricks to help you on your vegan journey – specifically in the kitchen.

Today I have something for you that goes way beyond offering a tip – I am able to offer you a very special giveaway that will provide you 30 days of support on your vegan journey, from none other than Colleen Patrick-Goudreau!

I met Colleen at Vida Vegan Con in 2011 and wrote about that experience here: We are ambassadors of compassion.  AT VVC she spoke on planting seeds of veganism and communication as activism. Here are a few of my rough notes from her session:

  • Anger and peace are not contradictory.
  • Use words that say what you mean and reflect the truth.
  • I don’t eat fake or faux food; I eat real food.
  • If you are the vegan someone comes to, you represent all vegans.
  • We are ambassadors of compassion.
  • You have to be more willing to solve the problem than to win the argument.
  • Imagine if we woke up every morning thinking about how much compassion we could spread in the world.
  • May we learn from the animals.
  • To the anti-vegan argument “I can’t give up cheese”:  It’s the fat and salt. You can get that from plants.
  • Veganism is a belief system; it’s about a lot more than food.
  • When asked “why are you vegan?” CPG says:  Because I do not want to contribute to violence against animals as it goes against my personal ethics.
  • The best we can do is to make choices that reflect compassion.
  • There is no nutrient we need that is animal-based.  B12 is bacteria-based.
  • As an advocate, you do not need to know all of the answers.  Listen. Ask questions.
  • If you make someone upset because you’re vegan, it has nothing to do with you.
  • If someone says they are vegetarian…but they eat fish and chicken. Keep a sense of humor. They want to be vegetarian. Probe. Offer your experience.
  • I’m not going to convince you of anything. But I can give you facts.

As you can imagine, my admiration for Colleen morphed into worship after her talk.

Last month I was on the West Coast for work.  My travels took me from L.A. to the Bay Area and once I realized this I emailed Colleen and invited her to lunch.  We packed in a lot into a couple of hours:  lunch, a walk along a lake, and a visit to her new home where I met her two beautiful cats.

It was the 2-hour shot of vegan goodness in the arm that I needed. We talked about thevegan lifestyle coaching I am doing – Colleen was so incredibly encouraging – and I shared with her the profound impact she has had on me and my vegan journey. Specifically I told her about her “calcium” podcast episode when I just got it.  Cows eat grass and when people eat cows or their secretions they get calcium. I can go right to the source – the green stuff.  Simple? Maybe but it was an “aha moment” for me and to me that is exactly what is special about Colleen. Every time she writes a book, records a podcast or makes a public speech, she shares “aha moment” zingers that move me along as a vegan and bring others over to the plant-based side.

At the end of our two hours together Colleen asked if she could gift me a subscription to her new project, The 30-Day Vegan Challenge.  She wanted me to see what she’s putting out into the world.  I was delighted and have been enjoying every single day of the challenge.

Today, I get to offer THREE subscriptions to you, my readers, thanks to Colleen’s generosity!  Read on to learn how to enter the giveaway. [click to continue…]

JL Fields, a vegan lifestyle coach, writes the blog JL goes Vegan and writes/edits the community blog Stop Chasing Skinny.


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