Giveaway and Review: Wanda L. Dyson's Judgment Day

I officially began Spring Break on Friday, and boy, have I enjoyed some great reads in just a few days! Since I'm hoping to accomplish my vacation to-do list this week, I figured the easiest blogging would be to put together some quick reviews of my weekend reading while the stories were fresh in my mind.

The first book was an action packed mystery called Judgment Day by Wanda L. Dyson, which features the detective duo of Marcus Crisp and Alexandria Fisher-Hawthorne. Marcus is a tall, dark, handsome tough guy who operates from a deep code of honor. He's controlled, methodical, and as honest as the day is long. Alexandria is a sophisticated, rich girl who has spurned her parents' world for a life of adventure with Marcus. She's headstrong, thrives in chaos, and has a habit of nicking the bad guys' ears to keep them in line.

Marcus and Alexandria are so good together, they've earned a place on my list of favorite male/female detective pairings along with other literary and television greats, such as . . .

    Follow this link to continue reading and enter the giveaway!


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