"Giving It All"

April 14 "Giving One's All"  Bishop James Walsh,  Jn. 12:1-11

The story of the woman annointing Jesus is the story of as woman giving one's all.  In my own way--living simply, giving of everything that I have, not hoarding or saving back--that is what I am trying to do--giving all that I have to Jesus in each person I meet, for in each person I see the broken body of Christ.

This Holy Week as I sew patches on a stuffed rabbit, and read the "Velveteen Rabbitt" slowly,  I see that this is the call  call of all of us--to give of all to others, and in so doing we have everything that we need. Leaving our selfishness in turns brings us a life of unselfishness that brings wholeness and peace to our lives. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

VegInspiration Dr. Will Tuttle
Eating the flesh and secretions of animals is so fundamentally repulsive to us as humans that these animal foods make especially powerful placebos. We find vultures repulsive because they eat carrion, but we eat exactly the same thing! Sometimes it’s euphemized as aged beef.

And yet, because we’ve been taught to attribute strength and energy to eating animal foods, that expectation helps our quite miraculous and flexible psychophysiology to partially overcome the essentially disturbing and toxic nature of these foods so we can survive and function. As children, we had no other choice.


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