Giving up something I love for 1 year...just to prove I can do it.

Have you ever wanted to do take a risk on something but you don’t do it because you are too afraid of the uncertain outcome? Have you ever wanted to make a change to something in your life but you don’t take action because you are too afraid to leave your comfort zone?

I for one am always trying to better myself and make positive changes in my life, trying is the key word in that sentence.  Making changes and taking risks are definitely easier said than done.  I don’t always take a lot of risks in my daily life, but I do try and work towards my personal goals.  If I want to travel somewhere or do something in my life I try to do it as soon as possible (hence my Life List) because I don’t want to wake up in 20 years with regrets. The only way to make changes in our lives is to stop talking about making changes and actually start doing something about it.

In honour of next year’s BlogHer Conference being held in the great city of Chicago, I have decided to give up the one thing in the world that I love the most…Pizza.  For the next 12 months I am going to give up eating Pizza in anticipation of eating some of the best Deep Dish Pizza next summer in Chicago.  I have always wanted to visit Chicago and I eat way too much Pizza, so in an effort to make a personal sacrifice (just to prove that I can do it) and lose a few pounds at the same time, I am going to give up eating Pizza until next summer.

Will you join me and give up something over the next year?

Love Always,

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