The "Glass Half Empty" Mom

I envy other moms.  You know....The "Glass Half Full" kind?  The ones who can be Betty Crocker in the kitchen, home school their children,  make staying at home with their kids a breeze.  You know the kind....they have a spotless house, coordinate weekly family "game night", head the Elementary PTA, attend church every Sunday.  They are room mothers, soccer moms, have kids that always look perfect and coordinated, they chauffer their kids to ballet, soccer, cheer, and voice lessons. Yep, it could be you.  The one with hobbies, and an actual relationship with your spouse, the one who "makes" time for date night, the one with a schedule that you "stick" to?.. All EFFORTLESSLY and with a smile and a great attitude.  If it is I have a serious question to ask...What is the secret?  Can I buy some of what you are taking, or smoking, or doing?   I my friend am another breed, a perfect picture of the "other" kind.  The "Glass Half Empty".  That's me.  What others can handle with ease?  Not me.  It's always a challenge, always a trial, and never uneventful. I lie awake at night wondering.. what am I doing wrong?  What could be so bad in my life that I should feel so stressed, rushed and overwhelmed?  Yes, I have been blessed with 4 beautiful, healthy children and a husband who loves me and works hard so that I can stay at home with our children.   I believe in GOD and believe myself to be a christian,  I try to have a positive outlook and a cheery attitude, but no matter how hard I try it's always constant drama, a struggle.  Always something staring me in the face to do.. laundry, baseboards, the bathroom, the refrigerator, the pantry, the linen closet, a folder to sign, cheer practice, friday night chauffering, grocery shopping, diapers to change, meals to prepare, kitchen to clean, a sick child, a form that needs to be mailed in to the insurance company, bills that need to be paid. I have to stop there because I could go on and on, but you get the picture. I am more down than usual tonight becuase I am feeling like a huge failure.  This weekend has proven more of a challenge than usual.  First, I finally had my 3 year old potty-trained!  :)  But I had to leave her with Daddy all weekend and I come back to find said 3 year old in a "pull up" and no longer using the potty.  This is also the same child that has been on a sleep schedule since birth. (Mucho kudos to mommy). But when her daddy moved from 2nd shift to first I took that opportunity to finally enjoy my evenings and let Daddy have some one on one time with her and gave him the solo responsibility of putting her to bed.  Well.. to make a long story short her 7:30pm bedtime slowly crept to 9, 10, then 11.  Then the screaming battles ensued.. I want to watch another episode of Caillu, I want daddy to lay down by my bed, I want water, I want a cookie, I want to be covered up, I want a baby, no... not that baby, the "BIG baby", I need my blankie.. no... not the "pink blankie" the yellow one.  I finally put my foot down tonight and said enough is enough.  SO..... back to square one for me Sleep training 101 with a 3 year old.  Although, it wasnt' as bad as I thought it would be.  Only 8 times out of bed and a 36 minute long temper tantrum.  But score one for mommy she is now in bed asleep. (They are such angels while they are sleeping aren't they?)  Now I am looking around at the house that daddy and I spent so much time straightening up today and it is now in ruins.  I am out of oomph and am helplessly looking back at it messier than this morning thinking.  Okay.  I give.  It has just been that kind of weekend, that kind of day.  I know even the "Glass Half Full" kind have them, just probably not as frequently as me.

So I have decided that I am starting on a little "journey"  a journey to find a happy medium as a stay at home mom of 6 (two 3 and under).  A journey to find happiness in this life of confusion, messiness, disorganization and temper tantrums.  Please join me on this journey of personal fulfillment.  My hope is to find other moms out there who struggle as I do. I am always open to advice, books, articles and encouragement. :)


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