The Glass House ~ Reality

The Glass House....And the Winner is....Toledo police Sgt. Kevin Braun wins on ABC's "Glass House" and wins the $250,000 top prize!

I was first attracted to this show because of it's similarities to Big Brother CBS, but then continued watching for its differences, being the audience/viewing public predicted the outcome of the show.

But who is voting... Really... I would have thought a mother of 3 would have been the front-runner to win; especially in this economy!

But... No... So what does it boil down to... Popularity... "LIKE!"  Really??!!

I guess it is... just like other reality shows, "unlikly winners of Idol" and other reality tv shows.  It's not the best singer or the person who likely will need the money, it's the "like factor".  Don't know why I'm so shocked, it happens every day... in Hiring, Firing, Promotions,Sports, Elections, and more.

I guess that's REALITY!

Or have I simply underestimated the power of the "law" (Kevin's a Police Sergeant). Either way, congrats to the winner, Kevin



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