A glass of thought with my lunch

Hello to all of my illustrious women. Sometimes I consider myself to be rather gifted at writing poems.  I wouldnt dare label myself a poet..POET WITH A BLUE DRESS BLUE DRESS BLUE DRESS, POET WITH A BLUE DRESS ON!! 

Eyes like a stormy sky

Dancing through this midnight life

Whispers from the wind I hear

I'm just a woman,  I have no roar.

Walking down the beaten path

High heels, a skirt, and a glamorous past

A beautiful mess with a heart so pure

I am a woman, I have a roar

I don't need flowers

Nor dinners atop the fancy towers

All I need are my pockets full of dreams

And my love to grow with all I see. 

As my hands are clenched in fists of glory

My soul cries for the women who fought for equality

Watch from the Heavens as we soar

We are women, hear us roar.







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