Glassless in the Morning

In keeping with my last post on fashion, I thought I’d broaden the conversation a bit since there was an interesting post for us older folks in the NY Times today. Basically it discussed options for the far-sighted (a condition afflicting people in their mid-40′s and up).

For those lucky readers who haven’t yet encountered this problem, far-sightedness (or presbyopia) dictates that you can only see clearly when objects are far away; and, as the disease progresses, the object needs to be on the moon in order to see it.  When it finally happens that your arm is too short to hold the menu far away enough to read the dessert descriptions, then off to the doctor or dollar store you go.

Now I greatly appreciate the advice proffered in the article, but to spend $300 – $1000 for progressive glasses and/or a new type of contact lens, considering the fact that I can’t keep glasses for more than a week without having them either destroyed or lost, is not practical for me. Actually, the dollar store variety suits my needs just fine. Besides, being far-sighted is underrated.

Seriously, at the age of 63 I think there is a good reason to keep things at a blurry closeness for viewing. I honestly believe it to be part of a divine design to keep marriages together, keep our self-esteem intact, and to continue to act as we (boomers especially) perceive ourselves – forever young.  After all, sans glasses, I swear I don’t have a wrinkle, my Rosacea medication finally works because I don’t have a single zit, and I can’t find cellulite anywhere on my body. My husband (who spends most of his time looking for instead of wearing his glasses) tells me I look 30 something, and I think he has skin with no age spots or pre-cancerous lesions. So what if I can’t see my crooked eyeliner as I apply it, glassless in the morning. My husband can’t see it either.

But for the grandchildren, I would continue my glassless pursuit of happiness. The fact is, I simply can’t deprive myself of seeing them exactly as they are.  They don’t need to be blurred to be beautiful. Besides, their vision is perfect and they still play with me like I’m just their age.

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